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The white tailed spider is found in most parts if Australia, often roaming about inside houses.
This spider has a dark grey cylindrical body about 15mm in length, and both sexes usually have a white strike or spot just above the spinnerets at the end of the abdomen. Bites by this spider can definitely cause skin damage, and somtimes uclers at least one centimeter in diameter.
The redback spider is found in all parts of Australia except in the hottest deserts and on the coldest mountains. It is the only highly dangerous spider winth an Australia-wide distrubution.
Red-backs are very common in the summer.The action of its venom is unique.
It can attack all the nerves of the body and in severe cases, a paralysis which may lead to death.
A first bite is only painful as a minor insect sting.
After a few minutes the pain becomes intense and spreads to other parts of the body.
  The black house spider is very common houshold spider which can usually be found in an untidy
funnel-like web in the corners of windows in garages or in crevices in trees. The old web looks dense,
thick and grey, the spider can often be seen at night repairing or adding to its web.
It is a brown-ish black or grey spider, the body of which usually does not grow longer than 1.5cm.
Persons bitten by this spider have complained of severe pain around the area of the bite and have occasionally suffered generalised sweating, weakness and sometimes vomiting.
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