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Termites also commonly know as “white ants” but more are closely related to the cockroach and have recently become part of the order of insects called Blatella. They are social insects and work within
a colony structure. Termites play an important role in nature by recycling fallen trees,
limbs and stumps and return nutrients back into the soil.

Termites forage for their food source cellulose, from wood by tunnelling under ground as much
as 50-100m from their nest. When above ground protect themselves by building shelter tubes of mud.
Termites are very secretive and silent, eating their way through timber from the inside and leaving
just a thin veneer to protect them from the outside.
Understanding how termites work is the key to discovering their presence in a building,
and applying an eradication plan and preventative strategy.
Only an inspection by a trained professional can reveal the hidden presence of termites,
their entry route into the structure and any potential problems that may be conducive to termites entering a building in the future.
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